Pregnant women were treated earlier IN THIS WAY

If any one expects the second, third or fifth child, it is still as exciting as it was at the first time. Whom will he be, how will he look, will he be healthy, what sex is he? The joy is usually excessive. For 9 months you can hardly think of anything else. Most of them also think about the children’s room, the decoration, the furniture, the name of the child, the documents you must fill out. Mothers and fathers are concerned about whether everything goes well, also because of the finances. But that was probably always the case. And today we are doing well, because we have at least the ultrasound today, where you can see if the baby is well and whether it is healthy. Even earlier, there have been precautionary examinations, but these were rather – in our view at least – backward. Today’s medicine has made so many advances that the traditional methods of the past now are scary. Look at these medical methods of the past centuries – most of which were used not so long time ago.