What went only in the second man!

If you (a woman) were already with a man in the delivery room, then you know that he is not always useful. Often men are distracted, nervous or stand in the way – they are also responsible for the whole situation and many women think they should be there. For the expectant mothers, most men are not helpful, often enough reason for amusement for the hospital staff and the midwives. Now a midwife has been chatting from the sewing-box – and it is hard to comprehend what the men in the delivery room are doing. Jana Friedrich is the midwife and she has a long career in Berlin behind her. From day-to-day experience, she knows that a birth is rarely as planned. She has started writing a blog to tell of all the whimsical incidents. In addition, she would like to show interested fathers what you are doing in the delivery room – and what better not:


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