Cholesterol is not harmful to health, as we thought

Everyone of us responsibly think about choice of food. A healthy lifestyle is a creed of millions, and sometimes we deny ourselves the pleasure due to harm to the body.

We were surprised when we found out why you should not be afraid of cholesterol in your food.


Many people consider cholesterol to be extremely dangerous for health. However, cholesterol from natural fatty foods is not harmful, and medicine that reduce its level have very serious side effects.

It is important to understand that cholesterol does not make our life worse, on the contrary, thanks to it membranes, cell walls are built. In short, the whole life of the cells depends on this, which means that cholesterol is vital.


If you stop eating food that is rich in cholesterol, the liver and other organs will begin to work more actively and will produce cholesterol in the amount needed for the body.

Cholesterol from food does not particularly affect its quality and quantity in the blood by scientific evidence. This is not an opinion, but a fact confirmed by many studies.