Things that men and women do in different way

There is a big difference between men and women. Here just a few things which we have noticed. So…

1. Take off clothes differently

Men and women undress in different ways. Men commonly put their arms behind their shoulders and pulling clothes from the back . Women cross their arms in front,. Men might use either method, but women only use the latter. It’s not we thought to do it differently just a men’s way will not work for women. They usually have more close fitting.

2. Display hands differently

If you ask men to show their hands they will always show palms, whilst women always show back of their hands.

3. Throw balls differently

Men will throw ball from above and behind their head, whereas women will throw ball from below in front of them. And no one know why!

4. Yawn differently

Usually men cover their mouth with a fist, whereas women cover their mouth with a palm. Maybe because it’s more elegant.

5. Hear sounds differently

Women’s ear is keener than men’s. Especially women hear better high frequency sounds because they programmed to hear children. And at the same time most of men will not hear child’s cry. Fascinatingly that men can recognize direction from where this sound comes much more better than women.